Thursday, March 9, 2017

WaysAhead – A thoughtful journey from illiterate to ‘Being e-literate’

The word ‘illiteracy’ incites in our minds, as disability of reading and writing. The 21st century illiterates are not those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn and relearn. Even if you are not a graduate, no problem, but you need to be a tech-savvy. People call you ‘outdated’ if you do not know how to use computers.

At the school (where I work), while interviewing teachers, I find my Principal often fascinated by so-called computer savvy candidates. I do not charge him for this as it is the need of the hour. Everybody wants to employ a multi-talented e-literate person and not just a bookworm.
The demand of a smart worker is more than a hard worker. Smartness comes with your way of handling the latest gizmos. I often remember Alvin Toffler’s comment in his book, “Rethinking the Future” –

“In today's 'Information Age', if you are not e-literate, you are an illiterate!”  - I think we should ponder into this matter.

Who can forget Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘survival of the fittest’?

Our parents communicated via letters and telegraphs. Today's option far outweighs this.  People interact with family during their "busy constraints" through Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger etc.  Children learn these skills as part of their lives, like language, which they learn without realizing, they are learning it. This is a very clear and simple example of what we call ‘unconscious competence’. Even a toddler these days, knows to play a computer game. A liberating intelligence cannot be achieved until we achieve a collective digital literacy. The 21st Century Brain reveals that students in this modern world need to utilize all the higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

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We were encouraged to evaluate, analyze and synthesize knowledge, whereas today's students use the internet to research and find text sources, videos, pod casts and presentations.

Now, the question is - will this "google, yahoo" element of brain indeed lead to great innovations and make life easier for all?  Technology is an asset, but in a global community, will a man be able to transfer his values beyond his community?

We should contemplate on this issue before it gets too late.

Watch out for more mind tickling thoughts in my upcoming blogs.

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About the author: Ms. SAGORIKA BANERJEE

Sagorika is a dedicated and dynamic teacher with an outstanding academic record. At present, she is serving at a school as Head Mistress. She has excellent subject knowledge and she brings along with her, 22 years of valuable experience in quality education as administrator, teacher, trainer, motivator and academician. Her leadership style reflects singularity of purpose and an unwavering commitment in implementation of school’s vision “holistic development of every child’. She has an experience of counseling students. Sagorika, is also empaneled with CBSE Board for more than a decade now. Her endless efforts in managing the Media and Newsletter of various schools she worked for, added a special feather on to her cap. She has an experience of conducting English lectures for CLAT and MBA students. Her motto of life is to work, work and work for the betterment of the children and reach the pinnacle of success. 

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