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WaysAhead: A Whale, Or A Wail of An Opportunity!

Photo Courtesy- “A beautiful mind” by Universal Pictures

When did you last remember the voice of someone in a dream, rather, to be precise, their linguistic abilities?  

Aren’t dreams largely powered by vision!

I am vividly reminded of the initial trepidation, with which I had taken up an internship with a manufacturing plant. The deafening sound of the machines running all around got compounded in that fierce temperature of 50 degree Celsius. Whereas, the CAD monitor, enjoyed giving command to the whole system, itself placed in a cool room.

Now let me take you inside the plant. A huge pile of virgin paper, in a continuous flow (how many kilograms?), with several gallons of water (how much?), only to evaporate in split of a second from the side pipes! The blue colored pipes with water streaming upwards (showing a symbol of steam), and yellow pulp for virgin paper, culminating into the desired end products. The sight of this whole anime, being monitored and operated by a nerdy engineer, dressed up in a batman t-shirt; defies the 100% efficiency, productivity and safety, they are known for!

Imagine if you could see this picture as a shareholder of the company that you have invested in. And the fact is, you certainly can, per kind courtesy: Power BI!!

What Power BI is!

Power BI or Business Intelligence is a business analytics service, a product of Microsoft. The interactive visualizations with self-service Business Intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards all by themselves, is the mainstay of Power BI. Here, the dependency on any IT staff and Database Administrator, gets nullified.

Further on, Power BI, cuts across different systems & forms, to scourge, and dig in for the data that we need, in order to get a holistic view, right there. It is the system that truly embraces the business volatility (real time market trends data of customer segmentation and opportunities), to create a perfect homeostasis, just like our well mechanized human bodies.

We all aware that whenever our body temperature goes higher, we perspire automatically to let the body cool down? Also, sometimes the reflex action upon being waved at, by a pretty lady at a mall, is the instant flickering of our eyes, really fast. This involuntary reflex action, actually, adjusts our vision.

Now, how will Power BI help us in the growth of our business, or our organizational development? Would it act as efficiently as our brain and control the whole system, effectively?

Taking an example of a business model, perhaps, all the products are catering only to 2% of market capacity, while one is set to grow! So how do we measure the gap in terms of profitability? It is a known fact that the per capita net national income of India has shown a rise of 10.2 percent from 2016 to 17. So, which Magic Wand did this humongous task of getting the precise data, in shortest of time?

Well, Power BI System Dashboards can do it all, by pointing and reporting any exception for you to devise the best way of handling it, since strategy exists only in non-singular frame of reference and developed only when the thinking is geometrical.

You might question, why should we use the open standards-based REST API, to integrate our application or service with Power BI?

The answer is, Power BI Integration helps in delivering your solutions faster (“Time is Money”), and being cost friendly, has a direct positive impact on cutting down your company’s overall costs. This works simultaneously, while you focus on your core value, in a way that enables you to share the picture in real time as you see (e.g. a wild white elephant, a whistling dolphin or a crouching tiger), with your key stakeholders. Consequently, their vision remains undiluted and pristine.

Furthermore, the system hits off on the right note from the very stage of its inception, generating a positive thought wave. Thus, when you talk about the whistling dolphin, everyone around your war room really knows that the pitch is a perfect match, they can vividly visualize the dolphin flying high, and are not lead to think about Sumo wrestlers, instead.

There is really no best time to say “Eureka”!!

The other very useful advantage of Power BI is that the touch enabled native app for Windows OS and Android, which lets you access data wherever you go.

What all of you see, is the big blue whale, hanging to the tail of the whistling dolphin!

We at WaysAhead pitch in with our expertise in Power BI, by solving and providing our clients with the best of solutions & the best practices for managing their data, towards a profitable outcome, from within the existing format of data.

We invite you all to join us, in this exploration of the inherent power of Power BI!!

Watch out for more mind tickling thoughts in my upcoming blogs.

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